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Hachi-nan Chapter 1

julho 19, 2017

Starting this novel today, let’s see if it’s good.


Translated by Rhinz

Editor WT

When I wake up…

“Eh? Where is this?”

I woke up as usual at 6 am, to the sound of my alarm clock, and started to prepare for work in a hurry.

Stopped by the convenience store and bought breakfast, onigiri and some oolong tea. I ate them whilst heading to work.

I am Shingo Ichinomiya, 25 years old, a graduate from a decent university. I entered a trading company upon graduation, just like how everyone plans to.

I am currently in my third year and have subordinates who are younger than me. However, I am constantly pulled into dilemmas between them and the boss.

But it was something that somewhat applied to everyone, so I never really felt like quitting.

Though for ordinary members of society, it should not be strange to think about quitting at least once.

However, they will only end up thinking…

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