Hachi-nan Chapter 1

julho 19, 2017

Starting this novel today, let’s see if it’s good.


Translated by Rhinz

Editor WT

When I wake up…

“Eh? Where is this?”

I woke up as usual at 6 am, to the sound of my alarm clock, and started to prepare for work in a hurry.

Stopped by the convenience store and bought breakfast, onigiri and some oolong tea. I ate them whilst heading to work.

I am Shingo Ichinomiya, 25 years old, a graduate from a decent university. I entered a trading company upon graduation, just like how everyone plans to.

I am currently in my third year and have subordinates who are younger than me. However, I am constantly pulled into dilemmas between them and the boss.

But it was something that somewhat applied to everyone, so I never really felt like quitting.

Though for ordinary members of society, it should not be strange to think about quitting at least once.

However, they will only end up thinking…

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The Amber Sword – Volume 2 Chapter 62

setembro 12, 2016

Just reading a new chapter of this awesome novel:

Chapter 62 – Chablis


Recap: Freya met up with Brendel. The latter advised her to put her support behind Princess Gryphine. She faltered because she felt that she was just a small militia captain, but he told her that she could follow the example of the ‘Goddess of War’ in his memory. Soon after, Freya got up to leave, but told him to take care of Romaine in an ambiguous manner. Brendel pondered on her words and drank his wine…..

Fonte: The Amber Sword – Volume 2 Chapter 62

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